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So guys, are you awaiting to check train status ? Here’s How to check the Pnr Status by call

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Regular as well as seasonal travelers are well aware of the term PNR. It stands for Passenger Name Record. This makes it clear that your Indian railway Pnr Status print, irctc pnr status inquiry number denotes everything about your journey. It is basically a record saved in the Central Database of IRCTC.


Your PNR number has printed on your ticket and is like a 10 digit secret code. Each PNR number is unique to one ticket and is nontransferable.

The PNR number has allotted to check Pnr Status by call, check Pnr Status online. This offers you information whether your ticket has confirmed or not.

Indian railway PNR status print

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It is very important to remain updated about the status of your ticket before you board a train. To make an Indian railway PNR status enquiry online you need to visit the official site of IRCTC. Some people are of the opinion that it is good to keep a copy or print of your irctc pnr status chart.

This is no doubt a good habit, Check Pnr Status and train time, Check Pnr Status by callBut there is no meaning in doing this if the status shows your ticket has not confirmed. This means you have to come back the next time to check PNR status online and every time it is not possible to keep a record.

Indian railway PNR status print

Check irctc Pnr Status online|Check Pnr Status by passenger name| Check Pnr Status confirmation chances

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This practice will come into help if you are checking your PNR status for the last time before leaving for your journey. You can keep an Indian railway Pnr, Check Pnr Status by call, Check Pnr Status confirmation chances with yourself if in case some confusion arises at the time of boarding the train as your ticket was initially not a confirmed one.

Moreover, if you fail to understand the message shown while checking PNR status, you can opt for Indian railway PNR status print to understand the status of your ticket.

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After the coming of the IRCTC website  Indian railway Pnr Status, Check Pnr Status and train time, Check Pnr Status confirmation has become an easy job. However, some people are there who try to check Indian railway Pnr Status with the name.

Such people need to know that Indian railway Pnr Status checking is not possible just by entering the name of the passenger. After all, discussion, comes the question, when do we actually need to check PNR status? The simplest answer to this question is when your ticket has not confirmed.

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Must ReadBy checking PNR status by passenger name

Situations do occur, when, after searching for train timing Check irctc Pnr Status online, Check Pnr Status by passenger name, Check Pnr Status confirmation chances. When you finally approach to book ticket confirmed tickets are not available.

However, you can still book your ticket and a unique PNR number will provide for your ticket booking. Now, using this unique 10 digit number, you need to opt for Indian railway Pnr Status enquiry online.

By checking the status at regular interval you will  able to remain updated your ticket’s position.

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To know Indian railway Pnr Status enquiry online, Check Pnr Status by call , you need to visit the IRCTC website.

Some other sites are there that was authorized by IRCTC to help you know the indian railway pnr status by name status of your PNR number.

The process used in the Indian Railway official site and some other authorized site is almost the same. This means to know your PNR status irctc pnr status waiting list you need to input the number and not the passenger name.

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