check irctc pnr status online The full form of PNR is a Passenger Name Record, which has kept in the Indian Railway’s reservation system database. Read out: indian railway pnr status chart, irctc pnr status with passenger name

This check irctc pnr status online, indian railway pnr status tatkal carries the journey and reservation details any passenger’s or a group of passengers.

Any passenger who has purchased ticket generally allotted this pnr number printed on his/her ticket.

Know more about indian railway pnr status checking, indian railway pnr status tatkal, irctc pnr status ticket cancellation.

There are few ways to check the status of reservation, indian railway pnr status enquiry online, irctc pnr status alert for any particular journey where the seats are not confirmed.

We can Check PNR Status Online from IRCTC PNR status application or from some IRCTC authorized third party web application.


When we type our PNR number in the provided text box in the web page of PNR checking websites. irctc pnr status alert , Indian railway pnr status tracking

Then the website authority gives back us the current status of reservation against that particular PNR number. Have a glance on irctc pnr status with passenger name, indian railway pnr status checking, irctc pnr status ticket cancellation

Thus we come to know whether our seats are confirmed or in RAC or in still waiting list. Moreover, we can check IRCTC PNR status by SMS, Indian railway pnr status,check irctc pnr status online too.

Check Pnr Status Online |indian railway pnr status|Check pnr status confirmation chances – IRCTC PNR status application:

After the coming of the IRCTC website, checking the PNR status has become an easy job. Using the irctc pnr status application, indian railway pnr status check also easy. Once you visit the official IRCTC website.

And choose the check PNR option. A space will appear where you supposed to enter your 10 digit unique PNR number. check irctc pnr status online| indian railway pnr status checking

In the next step you supposed to hit the ‘check pnr’ button. And a list will open containing details about your journey like indian railway pnr status tracking.

The irctc pnr status application,check irctc pnr status online system will reveal the name or names of the passenger, originating and terminating station, train number, date of journey and the status of the ticket.

Check Pnr Status Indian Railway Pnr Status Check Pnr Status Online Check IRCTC Pnr Status Online

Check Pnr Status

Check Pnr Status and train time, Indian railway pnr status – Issues to remember:

One of the main issues to remember is you must not lose your ticket and the PNR number. Know more about: Indian railway pnr status sms| irctc pnr status ticket cancellation

For more safety you can jot down the unique PNR number on a piece of paper. And keep in safe hands. indian railway pnr status sms, irctc pnr status inquiry

This is important as the PNR number is the only important thing that you need while checking the PNR status.Indian railway pnr status,check irctc pnr status online

You also need to remember that the IRCTC website strictly prohibits the process of checking irctc pnr status by name.

This means, if you enter the passenger name and wait for getting irctc pnr status alert, indian railway pnr status sms. You will be disappointed as no result will come.

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No matter what way you use to check PNR status it is not possible to check it with the passenger name. railway pnr status tracking, irctc pnr status alert

Check pnr status confirmation chances|Check pnr status and train time| Check pnr status confirmation|Check Pnr Status Online

If you are checking irctc pnr status by SMS, indian railway pnr status sms then also, you need to type the 10 digit unique code. And send an SMS to 139 or 5888.

In this case also the carrier will not send in any message you reply if you try to check irctc pnr status by name.

Check irctc pnr status online, Check pnr status confirmation – The bottom line:

IRCTC PNR status application

Apart from checking PNR status online, there are numerous other ways to check the same. You are already well aware of the fact that you can check irctc pnr status by SMS, indian railway pnr status by name.

Apart from that you can call the number 139 and get irctc pnr status alert, indian railway pnr status tracking. Moreover, if you are tech savvy and are a Smartphone user.

You can download the IRCTC app know the PNR status, irctc pnr status inquiry, indian railway pnr status by name.

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Check irctc pnr status online| Indian railway pnr status|  Check pnr status with passenger name