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What is PNR Status?How To Check PNR Number

People traveling every day using the travel or the airline industry are well aware of the term PNR status check. Every time you book a ticket in Indian Railways, your ticket has a specific PNR number. This is like a code number and is authentic to each ticket. No two PNR numbers are similar to each other. This number has used when you try to know the PNR status before you finally board onto your train. So, what does this PNR number signify?  To get the details of PNR irtctc status.

PNR stands for passenger name record as well as signifies a record kept in the database of the CRS (computer reservation system) of the Indian Railway. This contains the itinerary of a passenger or some passengers traveling together. The idea of PNR had introduced first by the airlines, which needed to exchange reservation information if passengers somehow require flights of different airlines to reach the desired location.

While talking about Indian Railways, this is nothing but a record pointer which con…